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How To Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger - The Childs Dreyfus Group

· Architecture,Interior Designing

Designing your small bedroom's interiors can be daunting and challenging. You may have to compromise with space to add up your favorite furniture or you might have to compromise the furniture to keep the space. With the right designing tips from The Childs Dreyfus Group, you can turn the smallest room in your home into a visual and spacious treat without compromising anything.

Multitasking furniture and storage options are some of the basic ideas to make your small room look big. Here are some more...

1. Go Minimal with Colors
Have limited and light colors in the room. It doesn't have to be all white. Light blues, pinks, beige will also work. Work with a single color palette.
2. Throw Some Light on Light Colors
Make most of the natural light. Adding windows to let the light in will make your room look spacious. Don't go for the bulky curtains. Just keep simple roller blinds to cover the windows.
3. Back to Basics – Multitasking furniture
Once you have customized the walls and curtains, now is the time to add multitasking furniture. Make good use of every inch of your furniture by adding multitasking storage options. As suggested by The Childs Dreyfus Group, you can keep most of the necessary furniture items in your room without compromising with space.

4. Mirror Placement
The placement of the mirrors at the right places can add depth to the room creating the illusion of the wall extension. It's a generations-old trick that works every time.
The Childs Dreyfus Group has not just designed the residential and corporate spaces, but they have revolutionized the interior designing by introducing modern day trends that were introduced with time. The Childs Dreyfus Group meets your unique requirements of style, amenities, space, and grace that resonate well with your personality.

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