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Making The Most Out Of Limited Spaces With Childs Dreyfus

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At Childs Dreyfus we focus on making the most out of limited spaces. As we all know and have come to accept the fact that we are living in a world where space is a major issue, we have grown habitual of creating more utility of whatever space we get. And it is actually the right thing to do. We are living off limited resources and so at the Childs Dreyfus Group we understand that fact and work around it to come up with the best and the most innovative interior designs. If you want to make the most of the limited space in your home and build an office within it, follow the below mentioned principles:

Common Areas
Be prepared to think outside the box and utilize all the common areas of your office. You need to remove all the furniture pieces and fixtures that create a claustrophobic environment and begin to believe in an open space philosophy. You should be able to roam around and breathe. The entire floor should be your office and not just a preassigned space for a cubicle.

Less Paper
It is always a better idea to remove all the paper folders and binders from your workplace. They tend to take up a lot of cabinet and desk space. If you fail to organize them and get rid of all old and obsolete records on time, it will become even worse for you. Your small office will appear even smaller and become less useful.

Stand-Up Meetings
Try not to sit everyone down. There are people or clients that like to keep standing up when talking or chit chatting with you because they prefer it that way; it keeps them active and moving. So, when you are holding meetings this way, you might be able to come up with better and more creative ideas than you typically do.

No Clutter
At the Childs Dreyfus Group we believe that the best and the most efficient way to make space is to declutter your home or office. Clutter slows you down both physically and mentally. Stop collecting things and objects and try to become more detached from items that are of little to no use to your office.

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